CDG Administrative Block

Book Launch at Chengdu, China

Farewel mof Fulbright Professor Dr. Keshab Bhattari

Joint Fieldwork, Corola, Mustang

Visit by VC to Soil Lab

Joint Fieldwork, Kerung , Nepal

Joint Fieldwork, Kodari, Nepal

Meeting at CDG

Geography Team

A visit to Park Village Resort.

Clock Tower, Tribhuvan University

Welcome to Tribhuvan University

Welcome to CDG

The Central Department of Geography (CDG) located in the University Campus; Kirtipur is one of the leading Departments of Tribhuvan University. It was formally established in 1959. Since then, it has been actively serving the country in higher education and research. The Department runs Masters Programme in Geography, which is open to all disciplines to apply for admission. The PhD Programme in Geography is handled by the Dean’s Office, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, TU.. However, all the Ph.D. researcher regularly come to the department, use departmental library, the departmetnal lab and consult their supervisors who are from the faculty members of this department. It is a pioneer department running academic courses on Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) in the country. The newly established soil and water analysis lab has enhanced the interaction of CDG with other central departments under the Institute of Sciences and Technology. The Department has well qualified and experienced faculties.



Up Coming Events
1 Feb

Up Coming Events

International Conference on Mountain Development in a context of Global Change with special Focus on the Himalayas.
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Interaction Program
2 Aug

Interaction Program

Two-day interaction meeting with the faculty members of Central Department of Geography and Department of Geography, Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara was organized to discuss on various aspects of teaching Mat...
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2 Aug


With objective of improving the capability of Bachelor's level RS and GIS teaching and research, the Central Department of Geography with support from the University Grant Commission, Nepal organized an Advance...
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