Climate change adaptation and disaster risk management

2016 Long term Research Project (LTRP) on Ecological Based Adaptation for MOPE ( on going)
2015 Situation of Springs, Ground Water Spring Potentiality and Gender Roles in Water Management: A Study of Melamchi Area, Sindhupalchok, Nepal.
2015 Review and Analysis of Existing Policies, Programs and Institutions on Hazard Risk Reduction in the Koshi Basin for ICIMOD.
2013 Climate Change Adaptation through Water Resource Management: Comparative Study between the Yellow and the Koshi River Basins.
2013 Vulnerability Assessment of Meteorological Flash Floods in Poiqu/Bhotekoshi/Sunkoshi Watershed.
2012 Change in River Morphology due to Inter-basins Transfer of River Flow and its Consequences: Comparative Study of Kulekhani and Rapti Basin in the Middle Hills of Nepal.
2010 Study on the Rock Glacier Monitoring – Technology Transfer between the Eastern Alps and Eastern Himalayas: climate change impacts, tourism, nomadic communities in the Langtang valley, joint study with the University of Technology and Karl Franzens University, Graz, Austria, and ICIMOD, Nepal
1999 Study of Socio-Economic and Environmental impact of Land Erosion and Landslides occurring in Nepal’s Mid and Far Western Development Regions on the lower Area Habitat, 1999, WECS/Nepal
1996 Field Assessment of July Debris Flow Disaster at Larcha in Upper Bhote Koshi, Sindhupalchok district, ICIMOD
1996 Hazard Mapping and Risk Assessment of Some Selected VDCs of Kabhre and Chitwan Districts, UNDP/DMS
1995 Role of Extreme Weather Events, Mass Movements and Land use Changes in Increasing Natural Hazards, ICIMOD
Land Use/Land Cover
2011-2012 GIS analysis of land use and land use change and its impacts under the “Research into Long Term Impact of Development Interventions in the Koshi Hills of Nepal” by GRM International Limited, London, UK for the DFID Nepal and India
2001 Land Use Plan: Preparation of District Profile, Jhapa District, National Land Use Project. Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Nepal
2001 Preparation of Digital Database of Jhapa District, National Land Use Project, Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Nepal
2001 Land Use Plan of Panchkhal VDC, Kabhrepalanchok District, National Land Use Project, Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Nepal
2001 Identification of Ecologically Sensitive Zones of Nepal, MOPE, Nepal
2001 Mapping Environmental Sensitive Rivers and Basins in Nepal and Developing Methodology and Scoring Techniques to Assess the Sensitivity. WECS, Ministry of Water Resources, Nepal
1999 Land Use Planning in Nepal, Department of Landform & Management
1990 Local Level Environment Planning in Arghakhanchi District, IUCN/MAB
1989 Landscape of the Lele Watershed with Special Reference to Landslides, TU.
1986 Integrated Land Use and Resource Utilization in Humid Tropical and Sub-Tropical Areas of Nepal Phase II, UNEP/MAB
1985 Integrated Land Use and Resource Utilization in Humid Tropical and Sub-Tropical Areas of Nepal Phase I, UNEP/MAB
Socio-economic Studies
2009 Baseline Survey of Nepal Migrants and Remittance. World Bank.
1999 Environmental Health Project, UNDP
1999 Study of Human Ecology in the Arun Valley. Norwegian Research Council
1998 Health Hazards of Kathmandu City, MAB Nepal
1997 Socio-Economic Survey of Langtang Region, UNDP & Partnership for Quality Tourism
1997 Environment Impact of Socio-Economic Activities in Langtang Valley, MAB, Nepal
1994 Population and Environment in Nepal, National Planning Commission
1983 Impact of Scholarship of Integrated Hill Development Program in Nepal, SATA
1981 National Fertility Mapping Project, National Commission on Population


Urban and Market Town
1994 Identification of market centers/towns and exploration of their potentials for development  for the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Ministry of Physical Planning and Works:
  —  Physical Development of Human Settlement and Emerging Town along the Banepa-Bardibas Highway Corridor

—  Preparation of National Policies for Compact Settlement in Nepal

1994 Action Oriented Assessment of Market Towns in Selected Mountain Area: the case of Dang district, Western Nepal ICIMOD/USAID
1992 Settlement System, Small Towns and Market Centres in Bagmati Zone Sub-region, ICIMOD
1984 Role of Small Urban Centres in National Development in Nepal/UNESCO
Micro-Enterprise Development Studies
2010-2011 Analysis of Natural Resources Based Micro Enterprise Projects of Rolpa District, GoN/UNDP supported Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP)
2010-2009 Analysis of Natural Resource Potentiality, Market Demand and Target Groups in Rolpa, Kapilbastu and Jumla Districts. MEDP/UNDP
1999 Assessment of Self-reliant Society Service Center (SERSOC) Program in Lamjung District, GTZ
1998 Review of Grassroots Level Institutional Program of Support Activities for Poor Producers in Lamjung and Assessment of SAPPROS Program in Lamjung, GTZ
Digital database and assessment
2009 GIS Database on Physical, Social and Economic Aspects of Nine Districts of Nepal. LGCDP/MLD/UNDP.
2008 GIS Training on Municipal Facilities Planning to Municipality Personnel. Public Private Partnerships for Urban Environment/UNDP/MLD, Kathmandu.
2004 -2006 School Level GIS Mapping Data Base: Phase I and Phase II: All 75 Districts of Nepal. Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB)
2001 -2002 National Level School Mapping (Facilities, distribution and efficiency) of Forty-Two Districts,  Nepal for HSEB in collaboration with CEDA/TU
2001 GIS Manual for Local Development Exercise for PDDP/UNDP
2001 -2003 GIS Digitization and Map Development of more than 30 Districts of Nepal for PDDP/MLD/UNDP
1998 -2002 GIS Analysis on Vector Borne Diseases. Environmental Health Project, USAID
1998 -2001 GIS Digitization Map Development of 22 districts of Nepal. LGP/MLD/UNDP
1996 Natural Hazard Mapping of Palpa, Jajarkot, Rolpa, Sarlahi, Jhapa, Ilam, Baglung and Kailali Districts of Nepal.
1995 Preparation of Spatial Digital Database of Makawanpur District, Phase I: VDC wise and Phase II: Ward wise. Plan International
1994 Spatial analysis of some VDCs of Solukhumbu District
1994 Preparation of Spatial Digital Database of Topographical Parameters of Some Districts of Western Nepal, UNEP/EAP-AP/ICIMOD
2001 Inventory of Nepal Himalayan Peaks. Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation

 GIS and RS Training Modules

Model I: Application based Five-weeks Training for Professionals: shceduled twice a  year (Summer and winter session). More than 25 such trainings on Application of GIS for Natural Resource Management, Service and Infrastructure Planning and Development, Disaster Risk Assessment and Hazard Mapping have been completed and over 350 professionals representing from various GOs, NGOs and INGOs have been trained.

 Model II: Theme based Special GIS Training package on demand of duration of three to five weeks – Upon request of different institutions customized at different levels.

 Model III: Training to the Graduate Students of Other Departments of TU. Basic training course to the GIS/RS beginners. It primarily focuses on concepts, basic skills and application of GIS in the different fields of their requirements.


CDG now has academic collaborations through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for research and scientific exchange with the following universities, research centres, and organizations:

Foreign Universities

  • Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) – Sino-Nepal Joint Research for Geography and Soil Test Laboratory, • Australian National University, Australia, Collaborative Research, • University of Arizona, USA • University of Graz, Austria • Department of Land Science and Biogeography, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China • J. Selye University (JSU), Komárno, Hungary • Centre for Himalayan Studies, French National Centre for Scientific Research (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique – CNRS), Paris, France • Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt, Austria • Department of Geography, University of Bergen, Norway.

 National Organizations

  • Nepal Tourism Board •Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP)/United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)/Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply •Public Private Partnership for Urban Environment (PPPUE – NEP/04/001), Ministry of Local Development (MLD) and United Nations Development Programme •National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET).

The department looks forward to fruitful research and teaching collaboration with national and international organizations.